US Rep Duncan Hunter Talks Vaping

“..vaping is going to be illegal if the current regulations stand.” That right there is enough that it should make every single vaper want to do something about this.

The FDA needs to stop trying to place health-based regulations on something that they know nothing about. It is beginning to be a situation where a nudge and a mention of financial interests is enough to close down thousands of small businesses. This is absolute nonsense. Vape Juice Guru has launched a few actions to protect the interests of vaping as a whole. The vaping community has always done things that same way. We have stood for what we believed in at a time when it was almost too late. Well, we are taking things into our own hands. It is clear that money and politics can only go so far.

As Duncan Hunter talks about the way he plans to move forward with bills that remove a grandfathered date and to stop the regulation of flavors, I start to feel like it’s actually going to be okay. Then, I get furious when I see countless people that owe their lives to vaping, stand by the sidelines and watch uninformed people make decisions that will ultimately destroy the vaping community as we know it, and they do nothing. They act as if there is no power in a vote, in a phone call, or in an email.

It is time to make lawmakers nervous about their careers if they oppose vaping. They are trying to control us based on nothing more than greed and misinformation. It’s total bullshit.

FDA Propaganda

The other day I was stumbling around Facebook and there was an ad from the FDA talking about the dangers of vaping and how it was affecting the lives of young people. I flagged the post as hate-speech.

Money Hungry Propaganda Machine?

I can’t begin to explain how mad it made me. That was clearly aimed at swaying the opinions of people that are UNINFORMED. It made it seem like vaping was some sort of conspiracy tool used to capture the souls of teens and trap their minds in slavery. Oh wait, That’s what today’s money-driven society does.

Not once have I seen an ad from the FDA talking about how beer is ruining America’s youth or one about the crippling effect that the PROFIT DRIVEN pharmaceutical companies to have with the substances they pedal to us in dump truck loads from doctors that are paid incentives to do so.

But they are going to say that Vaping is dangerous when they have said, “We do not know the long-term effects of vaping.” The only thing they know, yet they still openly lie about is the negative effects of nicotine. Nicotine itself is classified basically the same as caffeine. Sure in large amounts it can be dangerous or even fatal, but so can effin’ aspirin.

Why doesn’t the FDA have ads talking about the dangers of energy drinks or sugar? Why don’t they show the facts about the obesity problem in America is caused by the way we process food and the amount of sugar that we are practically force fed. They should show the facts behind how fat isn’t responsible for America being fat, That it’s really the sugar.

But they won’t do that because there are too many interests in the production of corn to take time to talk about how bad high-fructose corn syrup is.

They need to lay off of the vaping industry and allow us to self-regulate. We don’t target the youth like they make it seem. They need to tell parents to be parents and stop trying to regulate the lives of everyone just because parents aren’t doing their job.

End Of Rant.

The Guru