Within the last few days, we have seen proposed vaping bans in Appleton, Wisconsin, a proposed 50% tax on vaping products in Montana, and a full out ban of vaping in public places in Tyler, Texas.
These come after a House bill was drafted to enact measures on the Federal level to enforce a nationwide tax on vaping products, to all but ban the delivery of vaping products bought online by forcing an identification verification at the time of delivery and to ban flavors out right. All under the misguided rhetoric of lawmakers that have no factual information about the effects of vaping, the causes of teen vaping, or the statistics behind vaping being the single most successful anti-smoking aide to ever hit the market, most, if not all of these political decisions are being made at the whim of a bank balance.
If it’s not the paid interests of congressmen to incite regulations, as a paid favor to the big tobacco proponents that get kickbacks off of the kickbacks, it’s the direct campaign contributions made by companies like Pfizer who continue to lose boatloads of revenue due to the drop in medications like Chantix.
It’s plain and simple. We’ve all talked about it in the past, and we have done our best to act on it. But it’s time to make a ballad booth “hit list” and start removing these ridiculous people from office and see how much money they’ll be raking in when they are unable to pass laws.

Tobacco Flavored E-Juice

At Vape Juice Guru we have a clear solution for the flavor bans. The answer is found in Trash Panda E-Juice. For a long time, we have heard about attempts to ban all flavors except for tobaccos. Well, who defines how much tobacco flavoring makes it “tobacco flavored?” Are they going to smell and taste the e-liquid we produce? Or would they run an analysis to see the concentration of beta-Ionone, alpha-Ionone, beta-damascone, beta-damascenone, oxo-edulan I, oxo-edulan II, theaspirone, 4-oxo-beta-ionone, 3-oxo-alpha-Ionone, dihydroactinodiolide, safanal, or beta-cyclocitral and map exactly which ones are present so they confidently say that there is definitely tobacco flavoring present?

No. They aren’t going to do that. So who is going to enforce the tobacco-only regulations, when so many flavor molecules can be used alongside the tiny collection I listed above? Nobody. The reason I talk about this is that we have a solution. Every one of the e-liquid that can be found listed under Trash Panda E-Liquid have something in common. Something very specific as a matter of fact.

Every e-liquid produced by Trash Panda Vapor Company is, under the deeming regulations, a tobacco flavor. Just because they contain the earthy, woody, leather tones, doesn’t mean that you can even taste it. The truth is that these notes were added in the whole line upon completion. Not to make tobacco flavored e-liquids, but instead, these flavors were merely used as accent notes to bring the already present notes to life.

Like I said, you won’t be able to taste the tobacco, but there is no way they can say the e-liquid isn’t tobacco flavored with these specific notes present.