Scott Gottlieb: The Day Following “Scottlieb’s” Resignation

On May 11th 2017, Scott Gottlieb was sworn in as the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration. He was a physician. He is medical policy expert and public health advocate. His stance on vapor products should have been positive.
He stated the following:
“FDA always faces big challenges because of where it sits at the intersection of so many critical concerns. By virtue of the fact that people’s lives – quite literally – depend on what we do. Patient and consumer protection are at the heart of what we do. And I believe deeply in that fundamental mission of this agency.”
But he should have also stated the financial interests that seated his decisions. As you can see at, “Scottlieb” was vulnerable to persuasion. Nicotine Reduction Therapy products pushed onto smokers are a large source of profit to both Big Pharma and Big Tobacco. And the sad thing is that they have been proven not to work. scott gottlieb retires in wake of scandal
NRT’s are more often sold as a nicotine substitute for smokers to use during times when they can’t smoke. Then they go right back to smoking. Big Pharma and Big Tobacco cherish their business relationship. And vaping has proved to put a huge dent in the profits of these two industries.
“Scottlieb” faced a slight dilemma as he was sworn in. Previous to becoming an advocate for vaping lies, he owned part of a vapor company. What a predicament! But guess what! It didn’t matter.
At GrimmTruth’s website there are several things posted. There is part of the funds paid to Scottlieb from Big Pharma listed. There is also a link to a list of the companies Scottlieb supported by being a Venture Partner of New Enterprise Associates. In fact, the page that is linked shows the companies tied to the healthcare industry, all 171 of them.
Well, on March 7th, 2019 (yesterday), Scott Gottlieb resigned.
The vaping community seemed to celebrate as if they had won a victory over tyranny. Finally there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Yeah, right.
What some of my fellow vapers didn’t seem to realize is that we KNEW what we were facing with “Scottlieb”. Now our unlit path would span rocky terrain. We now have no clue who will take his position. No clue what type of hated they will have toward vaping. We can’t foresee the unintelligent, malicious disinformation they will spew.
Vaping is the thing that saved so many of our lives. It freed us from the chains of Big Tobacco. It freed us from servitude to Big Pharma in the future, lasting for the rest of our shortened lives.
Now, we must circle the wagons and wait. We can’t organize future strategies if we have no visible opponent.