Contact Vape Juice Guru

Whether it is to submit a suggestion or request custom e-liquid, this page will be your link to us at any time. If you are wanting to request the verification of an order just fill out the form. We respond as soon as we can. Our customer service considers all matters as urgent and works diligently to solve issues and answer the questions. We work closely with customers to develop designer e-liquid. We offer special perks to all of the customers that take the time to get to know us. Our custom e-juice services are just one of the unique features about Vape Juice Guru.

(If you are wanting to simply send a message to tell us about the thing your crazy aunt, Cathy, did during Thanksgiving in 1998, that is perfectly acceptable. We welcome all stories of crazy aunts. Our crazy aunt’s name is Sophia, and maybe we can introduce them.  That way they can keep each other occupied.)

Along with our custom e-juice services, we give personal e-juice flavor consultations and also design labels for your custom e-liquid.

Custom E-Liquid

If you are interested in requesting a custom e-juice flavor, simply fill out the form below. Include a little info about the designer e-liquid you would like us to formulate for you. We will then have one of our flavor experts reach out to you for a one on one custom flavor consultation. They will go further in depth about the flavor you have requested. No need to get really specific at first. They will cover every aspect of different flavor notes and possible flavor layers when they get in contact with you. While they are working to develop the e-juice, we will also have one of our graphic designers get in contact with you about the art you would like on the label.

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