Vape Juice Guru Is Here For Your E-Liquid Needs and The Needs Of The Vaping Community.

After over 8 years involved in the vaping industry, we have been worked in every area of the vaping community. We have filled town halls and state capitol buildings in efforts to stop unnecessary bans.

I have owned and ran an e-liquid manufacturing company in the past. And I have helped several people start their own vape shops. But none of that is as important as what we started out as in this great community, and we remain today what we began this journey as, CUSTOMERS. Vapor juice companies are too quick to forget that the customers come first. They are too quick to forget people have genuine questions about vaping.

Our Customers

We started Vape Juice Guru with a handful of unique recipes to bring customers a quality product built on 8 years of mixing experience. Over that 8 year period, we gained special knowledge that allowed us to formulate flavors in a unique way to let the notes come alive.

We make some of the best e-juice, and our customers will attest to that. We provide thick, bold flavors that still allow the delicate, bright notes to shine through. We only use the highest grade e-juice ingredients and the best e-liquid bottles. We don’t cut corners to make a dime like some of the so-called “premium” e-liquid suppliers have been known to do from time to time.

We ask the opinions of our customers on certain business matters that will affect them. We think it is only right for you have a say in the decisions that could ultimately have an impact on you as a customer. Here, we let you help us make decisions. Because our customers are the heart of our business. At Vape Juice Guru, YOU matter.


Our Goals

We have several goals, but our main goal is having great customer service. Customer satisfaction will remain to be our main objective. A great business reputation can’t be achieved if we don’t have happy customers. And displeased customers won’t submit favorable reviews.

The milestones we have been able to reach in the vaping community add wisdom to our resume, and this opportunity to make more customers happy leaves us excited to see how this challenge will unfold. Knowing that customer satisfaction is our only path to succeeding at our mission leaves us humbled. E-Liquid recipes can’t achieve this on their own. With flavors being subjective, we can’t just rely on good feedback from e-juice reviews. It is ultimately customer service that will show our caliber.

We will continue to serve our great customers with e-juice made with the best ingredients. Our job is to supply happy customers with excellent e-juice.