5 Myths About Vaping That Uninformed People Need To Know. #VapeLies #VapeJuiceGuru

Updated: Sept 21

People repeat what they hear on the news without asking themselves if it is true. Hearing something on the news doesn’t make it the concrete truth. If a news anchor is interviewing someone, ask yourself if that person is an expert on the topic. Question the validity of their comments before passing it on. Ask yourself if there is an agenda behind certain ads warning you of dangers or risks. In this post, I will go over five lies people have repeated about vaping. These statements exhibit opinionated spin to influence the reader in a negative manner. 

1. E-Liquid Contains Anti-Freeze

First, let’s look at the word anti-freeze. 
an·ti·freeze /ˈan(t)ēˌfrēz/ noun. a liquid. typically one based on ethylene glycol, the auto motive industry adds to water to lower the freezing point. Used in the radiator of a motor vehicle, it prevents the water from freezing. – “most breakdowns were due to people forgetting to put antifreeze in their radiators”
Propylene Glycol has a freezing point of -74.2°F (-59°C). Adding it to a solar water heater will prevent the water from freezing on cold nights. This is one of the many uses of propylene glycol because of the sole reason is that it isn’t toxic if consumed.
The statement “E-Liquid Contains Anti-Freeze” sends negative connotation about e-liquid and vaping. Uninformed people give vaping a bad name by continuing to repeat what the media says. Vaping isn’t dangerous like inhaling coolant from the radiator of your car. E-Juice DOESN’T contain poisons like the ones found in automotive antifreeze.
Fact: Propylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol are NOT the same. Ethelyene Glycol can be fatal if taken internally, Propylene Glycol is harmless. People should question what they hear from the media. News corporations and the FDA produce false statements to sway the uninformed.

2. Nicotine Causes Cancer

This is a Trump-style “alternative fact”. There are over 5,000 carcinogens found in cigarette smoke that are not found in vapor or nicotine itself.
Nicotine is classified in the same family as caffeine. In fact, the accepted medical position in 2007 was that nicotine itself poses few health risks. A 2016 Royal College of Physicians’ report stated that nicotine use presents relatively little risk to users or wider society.
This is just another example of why people need to investigate things for themselves instead of taking everything as gospel.

3. Vaping Is As Bad As Smoking

Now this one here makes me chuckle a little. “Don’t pour that ice-cold water on your head, it’s just as bad as catching your hair on fire.” LOL Idiots will believe anything.
I love how the same people that say “The long-term effects of vaping are not yet known.” can say “RUNNNN, It’s a vaper and vaping is bad for you.” I thought they just said they didn’t know the effects… Oh!! They know the effects when it is convenient for their unfounded hatred and lie-filled propaganda. They make things up to suit their agenda. Ok, I understand now.
Really though.. Inhaling thousands of chemicals KNOWN to cause cancer isn’t as bad as vaping. Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking.

4. Vaping Is a Gateway To Smoking

I have never heard of one person that didn’t already smoke, try vaping then say “I think I want to start smoking cigarettes now.” That is the dumbest statement ever!
Fact is that when it comes to the propaganda about flavoring being aimed at getting kids to start vaping is that it’s totally false. Flavors exist because adults like variety. Alcohol companies constantly promote flavored vodka and bourbon. I don’t see the FDA saying that those flavored products are intended to make the entire teen population of our country sway when they walk. The fact is that people need to quit blaming products for their actions. It’s this simple.
If a kid shoots up a school – maybe the kids shouldn’t have been bullying him. They don’t curse Eugene Stoner for designing the AR-15. It’s not the fault of the gun maker.
If a drunk driver kills a bus full of cheerleaders – they don’t have a Grey Goose-sponsored funeral and then ban the use of cars.
If kids are vaping then the blame needs to be put on the parents for either allowing it or not paying enough attention to the kids to know about it. How about you teach your kids the reasons behind age regulations instead of raising them to hate rules. Make a parent pay a fine every time kids are caught with things they shouldn’t have. I bet the teen use of age-sensitive products would drop dramatically. Send the blame home where it should go. Beyond that, understand that kids are gonna be kids. They will always find a way to do things that are prohibited. They always have. Quit blaming the flavor of a product and blame the parents for not being parents.

5. “Second-hand Vapor” Is Dangerous

These types of things need to stop being stated as they are not based in reality. The toxicology studies on vapor show that they pose no risk to a person sitting next to some who is blowin’ clouds. Fear mongering is something that our government, media, and society thrive off of. It’s completely stupid to think that vapor exhaled by someone else is going to be any worse than stepping outside and inhaling the junk that our government allows companies to pump into the atmosphere. Again, quit complaining and go sit on the wing of the airplane.